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A perfect ammunition for the bulk .38 special shooter that wants a good replication of their normal round on the range but doesn’t want to overspend for the experience. Perfecta is Fiocchi’s answer to the general-purpose load that must always perform but cannot be too expensive. They have produced a winning cartridge with this full metal jacket 158 grain copper-clad projectile paired with in-house components that showcase Fiocchi’s commitment to quality and consistency. The general reliability of the Perfecta line is excellent, and the pricing is more than just competitive – it’s a true value. The 158 grain projectile does have a heftier recoil than lighter rounds, and it does offer great performance on reactive targets, as well as being a great practice round trying to emulate top-tier personal defensive loads while at the range. It features a brass cartridge casing and a Boxer primer that makes it easily reloadable and presents a premium build quality that Fiocchi has been producing for decades. This is a truly substantial range-type round.

Fiocchi was established in Lecco, Italy in 1876. They have always really been in the ammunition business, but it wasn’t until just in the last 12-15 years that they really gained a major foothold in the American shooting market (the most robust firearms market in the world by volume). In the past 5 years or so, Fiocchi has been able to expand their offerings to more of a mainstream full-spectrum portfolio that caters to millions of shooters than the historical commodity ammunition offerings. This has been instrumental in the development of great sub-brands in their portfolio, including this line: Perfecta, a collaboration with Italian military and law enforcement that has been extremely well received in America. It is a value priced brand that is built with top-tier components that all come from internal production processes in the Fiocchi company facilities. Fiocchi has only a couple of products that use even a single third-party component. That speaks to their capabilities as a high-volume producer. Reloaders will rejoice when they see the value of the load as a donor cartridge and a range use and plinking round that can be shot cheaply and without any drama for general use. You’re getting a strong performer that shoots relatively cleanly, and gives you accuracy and reliability, and provides great donor brass for those who want to reload. The high tolerance consistency at the factory keeps headaches to a minimum when shooting.


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Caliber 38 Special
Condition New
Manufacturer Perfecta
Caliber 38 Special
Grain 158
Projectile FMJ
Casing Brass
Primer Type Boxer
Rounds Per Box 50
Boxes Per Case 20

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