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About Daniel Defense Firearms

Daniel Defense was founded in 2002 by Marty Daniel in Black Creek, Georgia. It has quickly become a well-known name in the firearms industry, offering top-of-the-line firearms, accessories, and rail systems designed for defense, law enforcement, and civilian use.

The company's reputation is built on its commitment to excellence, innovation, and quality. Daniel Defense employs advanced manufacturing techniques, such as proprietary cold hammer forging for barrels, to ensure that each product offers precision and durability, surpassing industry standards for performance and reliability.

While Daniel Defense initially gained recognition for its revolutionary flat top M4 upper receiver, the company has continued to expand its offerings to include a broad array of rifles, particularly AR-15 platform variations. Furthermore, the company is continuously at the industry's cutting edge, committed to innovation and constantly evolving its product line to meet and exceed the expectations of its diverse customer base.

In addition to exceptional firearms, Daniel Defense is also known for its exceptional customer service, active participation in the shooting community, and support for veterans' organizations.

Today, the company continues to embody American craftsmanship and ingenuity, setting new benchmarks in the firearms industry while maintaining a steadfast commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.


Top-Selling Daniel Defense Firearms

Daniel Defense DDM4 V7
Often cited as one of the company's best sellers, the DDM4 V7 is a versatile AR-15 styled rifle that's highly regarded for its reliability, lightweight design, and modular M-LOK handguard.

Daniel Defense MK18
Famous for its use by U.S. Special Operations Command, the MK18 is a compact AR-15 style rifle designed for close-quarters combat, featuring a 10.3-inch barrel and a quad rail for accessory mounting.

Daniel Defense V11
The V11 offers shooters the KeyMod handguard system for easy accessory attachment, along with the quality and precision engineering Daniel Defense is known for, making it popular among shooting enthusiasts.

Daniel Defense M4A1
The M4A1 features a 14.5-inch Cold Hammer Forged M4 Profile barrel and a RIS II rail system, mirroring the U.S. Military's M4A1 SOPMOD Block II, making it highly sought after for its durability and performance.

Daniel Defense DDM4V9
Geared towards long-range precision, the DDM4V9 features a 16-inch barrel and a 15-inch Picatinny top rail, making it a favorite for both competitive shooters and hunters.

Daniel Defense Delta 5 Pro
Entering the bolt-action rifle market, the Delta 5 Pro has quickly become a favorite among precision shooters. It offers incredible accuracy, an adjustable stock, and a user-interchangeable barrel system.


Popular Daniel Defense Accessories

Known for their reliability and durability, Daniel Defense Magazines are compatible with any AR15 platform rifle chambered in 5.56 NATO or .223 Remington.

Omega Rail
The Daniel Defense Omega Rail is a versatile rail system that allows easy installation without needing a professional gunsmith. Its free-floating design increases accuracy by relieving stress on the barrel.

Collapsible Buttstocks
Designed for comfort and functionality, each Daniel Defense Collapsible Buttstock is adjustable for the length of pull and includes an ergonomic soft touch over-molding for improved grip.

Front/Rear Sight Combos
Made from machined aluminum and designed for quick and easy target acquisition, the Daniel Defense Fixed Front/Rear Sight Combo is highly durable and compatible with most Picatinny rail systems.

Renowned for its robust design and versatile mounting options, the Daniel Defense RIS II Handguard is the preferred choice of U.S. SOCOM and offers a solid platform for multiple accessories.

Micro Mounts
Known for their precision and strength, the Daniel Defense Micro Mount provides a stable base for mounting optics, ensuring optimal performance and reliability of red dot sights and other optical systems.