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About Fiocchi Ammunition

Founded in 1876 with a vision to produce high-quality ammunition for hunters and sport shooters, Fiocchi Ammunition has a rich and storied history that spans over 140 years.

What began as a small manufacturer specializing in producing ammunition components, such as primers, the Fiocchi brothers Giulio and Giacomo soon expanded their operations to include complete ammunition production.

In the late 19th century, Fiocchi experienced rapid growth and introduced several advancements in ammunition manufacturing, including modern equipment and technologies, such as smokeless powder, which replaced the older black powder.

Over the years, Fiocchi Ammunition has continued expanding its product offerings and invested heavily in research and development to produce various ammunition types for different applications.

Their offerings include ammunition for hunting, self-defense, sporting, and military purposes, catering to the needs of a diverse customer base.

Today, Fiocchi Ammunition offers a comprehensive range of ammunition, including shotgun shells, centerfire rifle cartridges, rimfire cartridges, and handgun ammunition.

The company continues to uphold its quality, innovation, and performance legacy, making them a popular choice among hunters, sport shooters, and law enforcement agencies.

Popular Fiocchi Ammo Types

Maximizing results from “here” to “way out there” is what Fiocchi’s Hyperformance Hunt line is all about.

This selection of high coefficient, flat-trajectory bullets carefully engineered for controlled expansion and maximum weight retention across a broad range of velocities provides hunters the confidence of decisive terminal performance on any big game animal.

Fiocchi’s Hyperformance Match cartridges are designed from case head to bullet tip with one mission only—synchronize point-of-aim with point-of-impact at extreme distances...shot after shot.

With bullets featuring ± 0.0003 concentricity, weight tolerance to ±0.3 grains, and a profile ensuring a high ballistic coefficient, Hyperformance Match is the new go-to for precision factory target ammunition that stands neck-and-neck with custom handloads.

Developed on the theory that “the first shot is the shot that counts,” Fiocchi’s new Hyperformance Defense handgun ammo blends the bullet’s terminal performance with high-quality brass cases, precise powder charges, and reliable lead-free primers that help make that first shot count.

The workhorse of the Fiocchi hunting cartridge lineup, Field Dynamics centerfire rifle ammunition draws from the same commitment to using only the highest quality brass cases, lead-free primers, predictable powders, and precision-made bullets that guides the company’s specialty cartridges but at a price point that leaves more money for the hunt.

From its high-fragmentation V-Max bullets for long-range varmint hunting to hard-hitting pointed soft points for all big-game animals and up to a hollow point flat nose for the mighty .45-70 Gov., Fiocchi’s Field Dynamics offers a dependable cartridge for every hunting application.

Whether you are spooling up for the next competition or honing your defensive handgun skills, it all comes down to time on the range pulling triggers.

For regular practice sessions and high-volume training days, Fiocchi Range Dynamics ammo is the right choice. These cartridges feature full metal jacket bullets in several weights to help match your defensive carry ammo, allowing your training efforts to translate to real-world defense performance.

Because “second chances” do not factor into the personal protection equation, you demand reliable results and terminal performance in your defensive rifle ammo.

Fiocchi delivers on those fundamental requirements with every Defense Dynamics cartridge. Built and tested to exacting specifications for no-fail performance, Defense Dynamics satisfies the needs of home defenders and defense professionals alike.

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