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KN95 masks protect you from airborne particulates, airborne bacteria and germs, dust, and other possible airborne contaminants. Vital for your safety and the health and safety of those around you, KN95 masks like this prevent the spread of sickness by filtering the air that you breathe in from your nose and mouth. These sensitive membranes are vulnerable to airborne contaminants without the use of a contoured face mask like this.

  • 20 masks per box
  • Endorsed by the Center for Disease Control (CDC)
  • Contoured shape fits your face for a better seal
  • Flexible nose-bridge
  • Prevents the spread of virus particles through the air
  • Protection from PM 2.5 Haze particles, influenza bacteria, germs, and dust
  • Protects sensitive nose and mouth areas

With 4 filtration layers stacked up, a countered face seal, and the bendable nose-bridge, this mask can help prevent any air from reaching your face before it has been filtered. Use these for safe trips to the store, through the airport, or anywhere else where you are at risk of breathing in infectious airborne particles.

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