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About Mission First Tactical

Founded to deliver innovative and functional solutions to meet the complex needs of military, law enforcement, and civilian shooters, Mission First Tactical (MFT) is a respected leader in designing and manufacturing advanced tactical equipment and accessories for firearms.

Utilizing state-of-the-art materials and manufacturing techniques, MFT has established itself as a trusted provider of high-quality gear, including rifle and carbine accessories such as stocks, grips, magazine couplers, and holsters.

Each Mission First Tactical product is engineered to enhance performance, ergonomics, and durability in challenging environments, withstanding the rigors of combat, training, and everyday use.

A key aspect of MFT's philosophy is its commitment to the American manufacturing industry. The company proudly designs, tests, and manufactures its products in the United States, supporting domestic labor and maintaining strict quality control standards.

MFT also focuses heavily on customer feedback and continuous improvement, which drives its ongoing development of new and improved tactical gear.

Through its commitment to quality, innovation, and American manufacturing, Mission First Tactical continues to be a key player in the tactical equipment market, providing solutions that meet the highest performance and reliability standards for its diverse clientele.


Popular MFT Products

Battlelink Minimalist Stock
Known for its lightweight and streamlined design, the Battlelink minimalist stock is a favorite among shooters looking to reduce the overall weight of their firearm without sacrificing strength or functionality.

Extreme Duty Polymer Magazine
Built to withstand harsh conditions, this magazine is known for its durability, reliability, and high performance, making it suitable for tactical and field use.

Standard Capacity Polymer Magazine
MFT offers durable, polymer magazines designed for reliability and performance, compatible with AR15/M16 platforms, and available in various capacities.

React Quick Detach Grip
This versatile grip serves multiple functions, including as a foregrip and a storage compartment, designed for quick attachment and detachment.

Engage AR15/M16 Pistol Grip
Designed with ergonomics in mind, this pistol grip offers enhanced control and comfort, making it a preferred choice for AR15/M16 rifle owners.

TORCH Backup Light
A compact, low-profile light designed for mounting on a Picatinny rail, providing essential illumination without bulk or heavy weight.

TEKKO Integrated Rail Systems
These rail systems allow for easy customization of firearms, providing a secure platform for attaching accessories without the need for special tools.

Quick Detach Sling Mount
A secure and easy-to-use sling mount that allows for rapid attachment and detachment of slings, enhancing mobility and versatility.


The MFT Battlelink Minimalist Stock

Crafted from a high-strength, durable polymer, this stock is tailored for the modern warrior who demands both efficiency and reliability in the field.

The Battlelink Minimalist Stock integrates seamlessly with any standard mil-spec buffer tube, making it a versatile choice for a wide array of rifles. Its streamlined design not only reduces the overall weight of the firearm but also enhances maneuverability and ease of transport.


  • Lightweight Design
    Maximizes mobility without sacrificing stability or comfort, making it ideal for extended periods of use in diverse operational conditions.

  • Enhanced Durability
    Constructed from a high-grade polymer that is resistant to impact, chemical exposure, and extreme temperatures, ensuring reliable performance in any environment.

  • Ergonomic Contour
    The stock's shape and texture are designed to provide a comfortable and secure grip, reducing slippage and fatigue during use.

  • Angled Non-Slip Rubberized Buttpad
    Allows for faster shouldering and a secure fit against body armor, enhancing control and accuracy.

  • Quick Detach Sling Mount
    Integrated sling attachment point accommodates a wide range of sling types, ensuring adaptability for various carrying configurations.

  • Snag-Free Design
    The sleek outline minimizes the risk of catching on gear or vegetation, facilitating smoother movement and transition between shooting positions.
  • Adjustability
    Easy to adjust on the fly, the stock provides users with the ability to quickly find their preferred length of pull, accommodating shooters of all sizes and preferences.


The MFT Extreme Duty AR15 Magazine

Constructed from a specially formulated polymer for superior strength, the MFT Extreme Duty AR15 Magazine is capable of withstanding drops, impacts, and extreme environmental conditions without losing functionality.

Its design focuses on operational excellence, incorporating features that facilitate easy handling, rapid reloading, and consistent feeding. The magazine's compatibility with the AR15 platform makes it a versatile choice for a wide range of firearms enthusiasts.


  • High-Durability Polymer Construction
    Made with advanced materials that offer exceptional resilience against wear, impact, and harsh chemicals, ensuring long-term reliability.

  • Enhanced Feeding Performance
    The magazine's interior geometry is optimized for smooth, reliable feeding of rounds, minimizing the risk of jams or misfeeds.

  • Textured Grip
    The exterior surface includes a textured pattern for improved grip, making handling and changes under pressure easier and more secure.

  • Tool-Free Disassembly
    Designed for quick and easy maintenance, the magazine can be disassembled without tools for cleaning and inspection.

  • High Visibility Follower
    Equipped with a bright, easily visible follower that aids in identifying an empty magazine at a glance, enhancing operational safety and efficiency.

  • Stainless Steel Spring
    Incorporates a durable stainless steel spring that maintains consistent pressure, ensuring reliable feeding over extended periods of use.

  • Capacity Options
    Available in various capacities to meet individual preferences and legal requirements, providing flexibility for different operational and recreational needs.

  • Oversized Floor Plate
    Features an oversized floor plate for stable handling and protection against drops, also facilitating easier extraction from magazine pouches.