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About Radical Firearms

Founded in 2011, Radical Firearms is a firearms manufacturer based in Stafford, Texas. The company has quickly established itself in the sporting goods industry by producing high-quality firearms and accessories at affordable prices. Radical Firearms is known for its wide range of AR-15 rifles, AR pistols, and silencers, all manufactured in-house to ensure strict quality control and innovation.

Radical Firearms prides itself on providing excellent value without compromising on performance. Their products cater to both seasoned shooters and newcomers, offering everything from entry-level firearms to more advanced configurations. The company utilizes a direct-to-consumer sales model, which helps keep costs low and allows for better customer service.

In addition to their manufacturing achievements, Radical Firearms is committed to community involvement and supports various law enforcement, veteran, and first responder initiatives. They have been recognized within the industry for their rapid growth and dedication to quality, making them a notable presence in the firearms community.

By maintaining all production and assembly in the USA, Radical Firearms ensures that each product meets their high standards, contributing to their reputation as a reliable and respected manufacturer in the firearms market.

Popular Radical Firearm Models

Radical Firearms AR15 RPR
The AR15 RPR (Rifle-length Picatinny Rail) is a versatile and customizable model designed for precision and performance. It features a full-length Picatinny rail that accommodates a wide range of optics and accessories, making it a favorite among competitive shooters and tactical enthusiasts.

Radical Firearms AR15 MHR
The AR15 MHR (M-LOK Hybrid Rail) is known for its innovative rail system that combines the lightweight design of M-LOK with the versatility of traditional Picatinny top rails. This model is ideal for those seeking a balance of customization, weight, and functionality in their tactical or sporting setup.

Radical Firearms RF-15
A standard AR-15 style rifle that offers reliability and performance at an affordable price point. It's well-suited for both new shooters and experienced enthusiasts looking for a solid base for customization..

Radical Firearms AR Pistol
This compact version of their AR-15 rifle is designed for close-quarters use and ease of transport. It retains the power and customization capabilities of the full-sized models, making it a popular choice for personal defense and tactical applications.

Radical Firearms .300 Blackout
Chambered in .300 Blackout, this model provides excellent performance for hunting and tactical use, especially where larger calibers are needed without stepping up to a full-sized rifle platform.