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About Smith and Wesson

Founded in 1852 by Horace Smith and Daniel B. Wesson in Norwich, Connecticut, Smith and Wesson is an industry-leading American firearms manufacturer.

Initially specializing in the production of lever-action firearms, S&W experienced numerous financial difficulties throughout its earlier years, and in 1856 reincorporated as the Smith & Wesson Company due to financial difficulties.

However, in 1857 Smith and Wesson achieved a significant milestone by introducing their first successful revolver, the Model 1.

The Model 1 was a compact, single-action revolver that chambered rimfire cartridges and marked the beginning of the company's reputation for innovation and quality.

Over the years, Smith & Wesson continued to innovate and expand their product line, and in the early 20th century, they introduced numerous revolvers that would eventually become synonymous with the brand.

The Model 10, also known as the Military & Police revolver, became a standard sidearm for law enforcement agencies in the United States.

The Model 29, chambered in .44 Magnum, gained fame in a Western movie series with Clint Eastwood's character, Dirty Harry.

In 2001, Smith & Wesson underwent another significant change when it was acquired by the British conglomerate Tomkins PLC.

However, in 2003, the company was sold to a group of private investors, and in 2016, it was reorganized as Smith & Wesson Brands, Inc., following a spin-off from its parent company, American Outdoor Brands Corporation.

Smith and Wesson's continued commitment to quality and innovation has solidified its position as one of the most recognized and respected names in the firearms industry.

Today S&W is producing more reliable firearms and accessories than ever, catering to the needs of law enforcement, military, and civilian markets.

Popular Smith and Wesson Rifles

S&W M&P15 Sport II
The M&P15 Sport II is a versatile and affordable AR-15 platform rifle chambered in 5.56 NATO. It features a 16-inch barrel, adjustable stock, and a flat-top upper receiver with a Picatinny rail for easy customization and accessory attachment. The M&P15 Sport II is favored by sports shooters, law enforcement, and those seeking a reliable and entry-level AR-15.

S&W M&P15-22
The M&P15-22 is a .22 LR rimfire rifle that replicates the look and feel of an AR-15 but in a smaller caliber. It offers a lightweight and user-friendly platform, making it ideal for training, plinking, and introducing new shooters to the AR-style rifle.

S&W M&P10
The M&P10 is a semi-automatic rifle chambered in .308 Winchester. It features a gas-operated system, a 16-inch barrel, and an adjustable stock. The M&P10 offers the power and accuracy of the .308 Winchester cartridge in a reliable and versatile platform.

S&W 22A
The 22A is a semi-automatic rimfire rifle chambered in .22 LR. It features a lightweight alloy frame, a 10-round magazine, and adjustable sights. The 22A offers a budget-friendly option for plinking, target shooting, and small game hunting.

S&W Performance Center M&P15
The Performance Center models of the M&P15 series are upgraded versions of the standard rifles. These rifles feature enhanced triggers, improved barrels, custom finishes, and other performance enhancements. They are designed for competitive shooting and enthusiasts seeking higher-end features and accuracy.

Popular Smith and Wesson Pistols

S&W M&P Shield
The M&P Shield is a compact, striker-fired pistol available in various calibers such as 9mm and .40 S&W. It is known for its slim profile, excellent ergonomics, and reliable performance. The M&P Shield is a popular choice for concealed carry and personal defense.

S&W M&P9
The M&P9 is a full-sized, polymer-framed pistol chambered in 9mm. It features a customizable grip with interchangeable backstraps, ambidextrous controls, and a range of sight options. The M&P9 is widely used by law enforcement agencies and is favored by recreational shooters as well.

S&W M&P45
The M&P45 is a full-sized, polymer-framed pistol chambered in .45 ACP. It shares many features with the M&P series, including customizable grips, ambidextrous controls, and a variety of sight options. The M&P45 offers a powerful and reliable option for those preferring the .45 ACP caliber.

The SD9VE is a budget-friendly, striker-fired pistol chambered in 9mm. It features a durable polymer frame, a 16-round magazine capacity, and an ergonomic grip. The SD9VE offers a reliable and affordable option for those seeking a self-defense pistol.

S&W Performance Center M&P 2.0
The Performance Center models are upgraded versions of the popular M&P series pistols. They feature enhanced triggers, improved sights, ported barrels, and custom finishes. These pistols are designed for competitive shooting and enthusiasts seeking higher performance.

S&W M&P22 Compact
The M&P22 Compact is a scaled-down version of the M&P series chambered in .22 LR. It offers the same ergonomics and controls as its centerfire counterparts, making it an excellent training and plinking option due to the affordability and low recoil of .22 LR ammunition.

Popular Smith and Wesson Revolvers

S&W Model 629
The Model 629 is a large-frame revolver chambered in .44 Magnum. With its stainless steel construction, adjustable sights, and potent caliber, it is popular among handgun hunters and enthusiasts who appreciate the power and versatility of the .44 Magnum round.

S&W Model 642
The Model 642 is a lightweight, hammerless revolver chambered in .38 Special. It features an alloy frame, a five-round capacity, and a snag-free design for easy concealment. The Model 642 is a popular choice for concealed carry due to its compact size and simplicity.

S&W 686 Plus
The 686 Plus is a variant of the Model 686 revolver that features a seven-round cylinder instead of the standard six rounds. It offers the same robust construction, accuracy, and versatility as the Model 686 but with increased ammunition capacity.

S&W Model 686
The Model 686 is a classic stainless steel revolver chambered in .357 Magnum. Known for its ruggedness and durability, it features a six-round cylinder, adjustable sights, and a comfortable grip. The Model 686 is a popular choice for both self-defense and target shooting.

Smith & Wesson Features

Quality Craftsmanship
Smith & Wesson firearms are known for their high-quality construction and attention to detail. The company has a long history of producing reliable and durable firearms.

Ergonomic Design
Smith & Wesson firearms often feature ergonomic designs that enhance comfort and control during shooting. This includes features such as contoured grips, textured surfaces, and well-placed controls.

Multiple Caliber Options
Smith & Wesson offers firearms chambered in a wide range of calibers, allowing shooters to choose the appropriate cartridge for their intended use. This includes popular calibers such as 9mm, .45 ACP, .357 Magnum, and more.

Versatile Models
Smith & Wesson manufactures a variety of firearms suitable for different applications. This includes revolvers for self-defense, duty, and competition, as well as semi-automatic pistols for concealed carry, target shooting, and law enforcement use.

Innovative Features
Smith & Wesson is known for incorporating innovative features into their firearms. This can include things like their Performance Center enhancements, interchangeable backstraps or grip panels for customization, ambidextrous controls, and accessory rail systems.

Sight Options
Many Smith & Wesson firearms come with adjustable sights or options for different sighting systems. This can include traditional iron sights, fiber optic sights, or night sights for improved visibility and accuracy.

Smith & Wesson firearms are renowned for their reliability. They undergo rigorous testing and quality control measures to ensure that they function consistently and perform flawlessly under various conditions.

Enhanced Safety Features
Smith & Wesson incorporates safety features into their firearms to promote responsible handling and prevent accidents. This may include features such as a manual safety, trigger safety, or a firing pin block system.

Legacy and Reputation
Smith & Wesson's long-standing presence in the firearms industry has earned them a reputation for producing reliable, accurate, and trusted firearms. Their heritage and brand recognition contribute to the appeal of their products.

Smith and Wesson FAQ

QUESTION: What is Smith and Wesson?

ANSWER: Smith & Wesson is a renowned American firearms manufacturer founded in 1852. It is one of the oldest and most respected firearm companies in the United States, known for producing a wide range of handguns, revolvers, and rifles.

QUESTION: What types of firearms does Smith and Wesson produce?

ANSWER: Smith & Wesson produces a diverse range of firearms, including semi-automatic pistols, revolvers, rifles, and accessories. They offer various models and configurations suitable for personal defense, law enforcement, competitive shooting, and recreational purposes.

QUESTION: What is the reputation of Smith & Wesson firearms?

ANSWER: Smith & Wesson has built a strong reputation for producing high-quality firearms known for their reliability, durability, and accuracy. Their handguns, in particular, are favored by law enforcement agencies, military personnel, and civilian shooters worldwide.

QUESTION: What are some popular handgun models from Smith and Wesson?

ANSWER: Smith & Wesson is known for popular handgun series such as the M&P (Military & Police), Shield, and Performance Center models. The M&P series offers a range of polymer-framed, striker-fired pistols known for their versatility and ergonomics.

QUESTION: Are Smith & Wesson firearms good for concealed carry?

ANSWER: Yes, Smith & Wesson offers a variety of compact and subcompact handguns suitable for concealed carry. Models like the Shield and M&P Compact series are designed with features such as slim profiles, shorter barrels, and reduced dimensions for comfortable and discreet carry.

QUESTION: Are Smith & Wesson firearms covered by a warranty?

ANSWER: Yes, Smith and Wesson firearms typically come with a limited warranty. The specific terms and duration of the warranty may vary depending on the model and region. It is recommended to review the warranty information provided by Smith & Wesson or consult with the retailer for details.

QUESTION: What is the M&P series known for?

ANSWER: The M&P (Military & Police) series is known for its versatility, reliability, and ergonomic design. M&P handguns are available in various calibers and sizes, making them suitable for law enforcement, personal defense, and competitive shooting.

QUESTION: Can I use aftermarket magazines in my Smith & Wesson firearm?

ANSWER: Smith & Wesson firearms are generally compatible with a wide range of aftermarket magazines designed for specific models. However, it is important to ensure that the aftermarket magazines are reliable and of high quality to ensure proper functioning and safety.

QUESTION: Are Smith and Wesson magazines interchangeable?

ANSWER: In most cases, magazines are not interchangeable between different models of Smith & Wesson firearms. Each firearm model typically has its own specific magazine design and capacity. It is essential to use the correct magazines recommended for your particular firearm model.

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