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About TriStar Arms

TriStar Arms stands out as a provider of a broad selection of quality firearms, tailored for both hunters and recreational shooters. The company prides itself on offering products that not only serve multiple purposes but also offer significant savings in time and money for consumers searching for new firearms.

In an era where finding a company that delivers valuable products at a competitive price is increasingly challenging, TriStar sets itself apart. Beyond its product offerings, TriStar is committed to exceptional customer service, ensuring that customers are satisfied with their TriStar firearm for many years.

This commitment to quality, affordability, and customer satisfaction has solidified TriStar Arms' reputation as the value experts in the firearms industry.

Popular TriStar Firearms

TriStar Viper G2
A semi-automatic shotgun that is versatile and reliable, popular among hunters and sport shooters for its performance and ease of use.

TriStar Setter S/T
An over/under shotgun that offers excellent value, known for its balanced performance in both hunting and competitive shooting.

TriStar Raptor
A semi-automatic shotgun that has gained popularity for its affordability and reliable performance, suitable for various shooting activities.

TriStar Cobra III
A pump-action shotgun that is durable and designed for hunters looking for a reliable firearm in harsh conditions.

TriStar TT-15
A series of over/under and single-shot shotguns designed specifically for competitive trap shooting, known for precision and adjustability.

TriStar KRX Tactical
 A tactical semi-automatic shotgun with features suited for home defense and tactical applications, including a pistol grip and rail system for accessories.

TriStar P-120
A semi-automatic pistol that offers shooters a reliable, high-capacity option for competitive shooting or personal defense, known for its accuracy and ergonomic design.

TriStar Warranty

TriStar’s Five Year Warranty is specific to the function and operation of the guns offered under the TriStar Arms license. The warranty does not extend to obvious abuse or misuse of the firearm or if the firearm is used for any purpose other than hunting, competition or sporting situations.

Over the last few years, TriStar Arms has aimed to bring new and exciting products to the table. With a market that is always changing, being able to adapt to what the consumer demands is always important.

That is why TriStar Arms prides itself on being an industry leader in innovation and design.
Note: The TT-15 Trap line carries a 3-year warranty.