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The .40 Smith & Wesson was introduced in 1990 as a “short” version of the 10mm Auto which was quickly adopted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation to replace the then service 9mm Luger. For the following three decades, the .40 was the primary law enforcement sidearm caliber, and though it has been phased out of primary service by updated 9mm, it remains a popular choice with individual officers as well as private and competitive sportsmen. The 155 grain full metal jacket round by CCI has a muzzle velocity of 1175 feet per second with 475 foot-pounds of energy. This is a range training and target shooting round that closely approximates the performance, and recoil, of service and defense ammunition in the field.

Cascade Cartridge Inc. (CCI) was founded in 1963 and continues to be well known for its quality rimfire cartridges. That quality is extended to their Blazer line of range ammunition. Though the Blazer line is designed to be affordable to keep training time maximized, it does not cut corners in performance: the aluminum cases are not reloadable but are worthy of carrying the CCI brand name.

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Category Ammunition
Manufacturer SKU 3587
Condition New
Manufacturer Blazer
Caliber 40 SW
Projectile FMJ
Grain 155
Casing Aluminum
Primer Type Boxer
Muzzle Velocity 1175
Muzzle Energy 475
Rounds Per Box 50
Boxes Per Case 20

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