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Developed in 1857 for Smith & Wesson’s first rimfire revolver, the .22 Short is both the earliest of the rimfire metallic cartridges and the earliest to be used for gallery guns. However, for use in dealing with pest control where sound ordnances and range are limited, it is still a popular round when it can be found. The 27 grain hollow point bullet by CCI can leave the muzzle at up to 1105 feet per second with 3 foot pounds of energy. It is an acceptable round for varmint control at limited ranges with a report that is not guaranteed to gain a lot of attention. An additional bonus of the .22 Short is that it radically increases the capacity of tube magazine fed firearms: it is also why such firearms have become prohibited in areas with magazine capacity limits: check local laws.

Begun in the 1960’s Cascade Cartridge Inc is one of the most trusted names in rimfire ammunition production. In association with Speer Bullets, CCI continues to provide competition level quality to their lines of ammunition with fewer examples of misfires in any of their products.

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More Information
Category Ammunition
Manufacturer CCI
Manufacturer SKU 0028
UPC 076683000286
Condition New
Caliber 22 Short
Projectile JHP
Grain 27
Casing Brass
Muzzle Velocity 1105
Muzzle Energy 73
Rounds Per Box 100
Boxes Per Case 50
Suggested Use Hunting / Varmint

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