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Inexpensive .45ACP Hardball ammunition with a twist. A twist that will probably be just fine with most shooters for a couple reasons: better per shot cost with the same or substantially similar performance and while the offering is a bit different, it’s made by the proven, well regarded Federal Champion line. This is an aluminum cased cartridge that offers all of the performance of a standard hardball round, with a single caveat that may not even bother most shooters: The casing cannot be reloaded because of the aluminum material. While it’s good enough for high powered rounds, doesn’t have great malleability and is not a good candidate for reloading. This is not a new innovation on the market, but it is a new offering from the Federal brand name and judging by the popularity of this 200 round case lot of Aluminum cased 230 grain cartridges, it’s a hit already. Accurate and reliable, it’s no surprise that Federal is the name behind this take on an innovative cartridge casing design. From feeding to ignition to extraction, these will operate the most finicky of firearms chambered for the .45ACP including tight tolerance 1911’s.

Saving money and time on the range is important. It means you get more practice time and less headache. You won’t be chasing brass with this aluminum cartridge case, and you won’t be upset at what you spent to shoot 200 rounds. This is packaged as 4 trays of 50 rounds each of the copper clad projectile seated in the satin finished aluminum casing with a Boxer primer. If you don’t reload and you want an exceptional value, this is a particularly good choice, especially with the known reliability and consistency of Federal’s brand lines. This cartridge gives sufficient power to make the round functional in any mainstream firearm from pistol to carbine and beyond. This is a 230 grain copper clad projectile that boasts a velocity of 890 feet per second at the muzzle with an energy figure of 369 ft. lbs. at the bore. Federal is among the largest manufacturers of ammunition in the world. It is also a highly revered military supplier that has been producing military specification ammunition at its Lake City production facility for decades. The reputation of the company and the massive volume that Federal is producing year in and year out is substantial. Of the American ammunition manufacturers, it is among the best received and most influential. This is a cartridge that is representative of their commitment to shooters and lowering costs for their consumable product.

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More Information
Category Ammunition
Manufacturer SKU 45230200
UPC 604544624984
Condition New
Manufacturer Federal
Caliber 45 ACP
Projectile FMJ
Grain 230
Casing Brass
Primer Type Boxer
Rounds Per Box 200
Boxes Per Case 5
Special Offers Vista Outdoor Brands

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