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When it was introduced in 1959 by Winchester, their .22 magnum rimfire cartridge was embraced y rimfire competitive shooters as well as small game and varmint hunters: it provided considerable advantages over any other rimfire round on the market at the time. In recent years, the cartridge has become a contender as a personal defense cartridge: its terminal ballistics are not limited by its penetrative capabilities, only its diameter: and what it lacks in stopping power in makes up for in capacity. The 30 grain V-Max style, or poly tip bullet by CCI can leave the muzzle at 2200 feet per sec with 322 foot pounds of energy. The poly tip offers superior accuracy to target and encourages maximum expansion once into the target. This is primarily a sporting round, but is often considered for use in personal defense options.

When it comes to dependable performance for a rimfire cartridge, Cascade Cartridge Inc, or CCI continues to be the first and only choice by competitors as well as hunters. Their use of dependable manufacturing processes ensures complete primer seating and therefore positive ignition each and every time be it at the range or in the field.


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UPC 76683000736
Condition New
Manufacturer CCI
Caliber 22 Mag/WMR
Projectile V-MAX
Grain 30
Casing Brass
Rounds Per Box 50
Boxes Per Case 40
Caliber 22 Magnum/WMR
Specials Vista Outdoor Brands

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