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Fiocchi Field Dynamics 45-70 Government 300 Grain Hollow Point Flat Nose. This dynamic round from Fiocchi's reputable Field Dynamics line is a versatile choice for the modern hunter. Optimized with a 300 grain projectile, this 45-70 Government cartridge offers less than the traditional weight associated with the caliber. The outcome is an unanticipatedly flatter trajectory and reduced recoil. The Hollow-Point Flat-Nose (HPFN) is akin to a jacketed hollow point, except with a slightly more exposed lead at the tip. This structural advantage makes the bullet capable of resisting deformation under high pressure, penetrating through dense hide, and then expanding dramatically to deliver incredible energy. This process creates a broad wound channel, enhancing the bullet's terminal performance.

  • Fiocchi Field Dynamics 45-70 Gov't 300 Grain Hollow Point FN
  • 20 rounds per box
  • Newly-made, reloadable brass casings

Fiocchi's commitment to superior quality ammunition is undisputed. The Field Dynamics 45-70 Gov't 300 Grain HPFN features consistent brass casings - exactly what you'd desire for your prized firearm or authentic reproduction. Furthermore, their non-corrosive primers and clean burning propellant ensures that your firearm will receive the care it deserves.

Field Dynamics is Fiocchi's specialized line of centerfire rifle cartridges designed with the hunter in mind. Equipped with high-quality components, these rounds guarantee repeatable point-of-impact and excellent terminal performance, thus earning the trust of the discerning marksman. Affordable pricing gives hunters ample opportunity to practice and feel confident about their rifle's zero and point-of-impact across varied hunting distances. In summary, the Fiocchi Field Dynamics 45-70 Gov't 300 Grain Hollow Point Flat Nose ammunition provides a dynamic blend of precision, power, and affordability, making it an ideal choice for hunting and shooting enthusiasts.

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More Information
Category Ammunition
Manufacturer SKU FIO4570B, 4570B
UPC 762344712192
Condition New
Manufacturer Fiocchi
Brand Field Dynamics
Caliber 45-70 Govt
Projectile Hollow Point Flat Nose (HPFN)
Grain 300 Grain
Casing Brass
Muzzle Velocity 1900 fps
Rounds Per Box 20
Boxes Per Case 10
Suggested Use Hunting / Varmint

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